Brighten Life with Colour

There are many ways for people to experience the world, yet the visual sense seems to override almost everything else. People look at things before the touch or taste them, and they may even take a good look before working up the courage to smell something. This is a normal part of being human, but it is interesting to note that what generally attracts a person to use their other senses is the fact colour caught their eye. It is often the first sense used, and it may even lead people to make value judgments. They may wish to bright life with everyday colour, and they can add it in many different ways.

Catching the eye

Colours may begin with the basics of the colour wheel, but the varieties of shades can create a completely different picture of the world. Some shades soften a harsh colour, and others might change it from soft to menacing. Use of shades has long been an artistic quality, catching the eye of those who might be passing a picture or painting. It can be useful to attract viewers to share a thought, or it can be a way for people to notice where they should enter a building properly because the sign is just the right shade to grab their attention. These are all good uses of colour in everyday life.

Emotional associations

Few people go through life with almost no feelings about things, yet every person has their own individual assessments. Some colours do have basic emotional associations, and they are often formed as part of their cultural heritage. In many societies the colour red signals danger, but not all of them recognize this as a truism. There are people who associate green with permission to move ahead, yet it is not universal throughout the world. Green for go is generally taught to youngsters as they are driven by their parents to various places, but any society where traffic lights or even motor vehicles are not prevalent may not have this type of association. Emotionally, many young drivers do feel better when they can step on the accelerator and proceed quickly on their way.

Adding colour to the home

While the majority of people leave home for work, those hours spent home are quite important. This is where family lives, and it is where their friends and relatives come to visit them. Adding colour to the home is important to make it feel warm, and one of the best ways is to associate it with another activity that feels good. It can be done simply by owning a set of fine bone china mugs from Wedgewood. They come in many colours and shades, and the beautiful bone china mugs are an excellent way to share a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing with a friend or family member.

Colours have long been a part of everyday life, and they all have their own use in objects, backgrounds, and even how people feel about certain items or subjects. For those who have been raised in modern society, some associations mean danger, but others offer permission. Sharing colourful items with a visitor in a happy circumstance can help create good memories while using an item, and that can also contribute to how colours can make people feel about their everyday lives.